A Day to Remember!

By Article by: Jason Huang. Picture by Jason Whitcomb, November 21, 2011

Despite an unusually cold and snow filled weekend in late October, forty kids from the greater NY/NJ/CT metropolitan area took  the fields for the 2011 NFL Punt, Pass, and Kick Team Championship. From rain and snow to slippery roads, these youngsters and their parents battled the elements to make their way to the home of the New York Giants for this year’s competition.

No weather was too harsh for this group of youths. In spite of some delays, their determination was evident as the event kicked off with cheers and excitement. The participants, ages 6-15, were divided into their respective age groups for the Punt, Pass, and Kick challenges. Their competitive spirits, on full display, translated into skills and abilities beyond their years. After 60 minutes of some brilliant punting, passing, and kicking four winners were decided.

But the fun and surprise did not end there. Sean Landeta, a two-time Super Bowl champion (XXI and XXV) with the New York Giants, made a guest appearance and helped distribute awards, prizes, and signed autographs.

After the competition, the participants were ushered from the indoor practice field to the stadium and given a private tour. The treat did not end there. Right before the Giants versus Dolphins game kicked off, the participants took the field one last time—this time with the players on field and the entire stadium acknowledging their efforts.

As the event finally came to an end, the participants and their parents took their seats in the stadium and cheered on their hometown G-men. And perhaps sensing a great sense of competition from the youths, the pros toughed it out on the gridiron and delivered a spectacular game.

From 60 minutes of punting, passing, and kicking to the game by the pros, at the end, no matter the results it was the effort that mattered. The participants and their parents, from rain and snow to slippery roads and, come game time, a mild sun and stadium fun—they were all winners.

So, if you want to be next year’s winner  -  Punt, Pass, and Kick!